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Ferma kur Brychcy
Nasze jaja i kury s± zdrowe z natury !

Free-range eggs

Chickens reared on free range farms have permanent access to a huge area outside, fresh air and a large amount of vegetation.


Generally accepted principles say that the maximum number of birds on one hectare of land designated for the catwalk, may be 2 500 hens, which is 4 per square meters per individual.


The fact that animals have access to a sizeable area around the farm allows them to take the will of the sand bath, and most importantly, independently and according to their own needs to choose food.

Chicken coop for chickens reared free range is lined with litter. This is in contrast to the breeding cage, chicken ensures its own perch and the socket.


This culture also affects the health of the birds, as freely moving on the catwalk hens have stronger bones. They are free to use a large amount of perches themselves to choose the place where they will incubate the eggs, so the nesting place.


With such forms of breeding hen shows its natural characteristics and behavior. They are the most similar to the natural.


The feed that we give the hens are fine-tuned and come from our own crops. It has no harmful to human and animal health enhancers or preservatives. It consists of a fully valuable grains, with proportionately developed a mixture of wheat, triticale, barley and maize.


To add feed a probiotic Em and Bokashi and various vitamins.


These substances have a beneficial effect on leveling gastrointestinal microflora responsible for proper digestion, stimulate the body's immunity and protect against the development of pathogenic bacteria and their effects.


Do not add to the feed fishmeal, meat and bone or rapeseed meal, antibiotics and stimulants.


As a result, eggs from free-range hens eggs is very high class. The way the culture to supplement the diet with nutrients straight from nature. With these important factors eggs have in its composition more higher nutritional value.


They are delicious and healthy, and they contained egg yolk has a natural color.


In addition, our chickens are marked with the number veterinary, importantly, meet all the requirements for breeding and requirements recommended by the European Union.

Hurtowa sprzedaż jaj z darmowym transportem

Nasze jaja dowozimy do klienta wł‚asnym, specjalnie do tego przystosowanym transportem.

Dostarczamy w opakowaniach jednostkowych po 30 sztuk oraz w opakowaniach zbiorczych po 180.
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