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Ferma kur Brychcy
Nasze jaja i kury s± zdrowe z natury !

Egg-laying hens

In our offer you will also find laying hens. Sale of hens coming straight from a farm gives you a guarantee that the hen will make more eggs. Normally chickens in the whole life cycle lay eggs at a rate of about 20 per year (these are the eggs fertilized by a rooster). 


Laying hens from our farm are designed to withstand a greater number of eggs can produce up to 300 eggs per year! It is therefore worth invest in laying hens directly from the farm!


Our egg production is about 100 boxes (over 35,000) per day!

With our many years of experience we know how to take care of our chickens.


Not without reason it is said that happy hen will give you more eggs:)


In view of the fact that we offer the sale of hens, we want to share you our knowledge about how we protect for our hens. Laying hens come into the breeding period until the 16th week of her life.


This is the period in which the hens requires large attention - then you should take care of the animals with redoubled strength, because in addition to healthy animals we care for healthy eggs too.


We guarantee our laying hens regular access to forage with high levels of protein (about 16%) - we preparing feed themselves from own cultivated cereals and grains and other ingredients. Our chicken feed is made up of mixture of wheat triticale, barley and corn. We add there Em probiotic and Bokashi and various vitamins.


We also make sure that our hens have adequate levels of vitamins and trace elementsbecause we provide them with access to the sources of these nutrients.


Call and check it out!

Hurtowa sprzedaż jaj z darmowym transportem

Nasze jaja dowozimy do klienta wł‚asnym, specjalnie do tego przystosowanym transportem.

Dostarczamy w opakowaniach jednostkowych po 30 sztuk oraz w opakowaniach zbiorczych po 180.
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