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All About the Egg


Ab ovo....


Egg is one of the oldest, still functioning symbols. In a different humans cultures means life.

In the Christian tradition is a symbol and association with the motif of resurrection, rebirth and return to the life of Christ. This is why the Easter holidays are so much egg :-)


The nutritional properties of eggs


It is estimated that hen egg is 75% water, 14% protein and less than 10% fat - other ingredients are carbohydrates (almost exclusively simple sugars). It is estimated that 100 grams of egg yolk has about 147 calories.


The eggs are very healthy and should be a regular component of any diet. They contain a lot of vitamins A, D, and vitamin B. Eggs are also an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus and iron.


Eggs in culinary art


There are different ways to use eggs in cookery. However, most are used for food production or just directly consumed.


Eggs can fry, boil, combined with other products - some people eat raw eggs!


The egg has a unique flavor and properties - is almost irreplaceable in the cooking. Biggest advantage of eggs is the versatility - is a great addition to many delicious dishes, as well as the indispensable component of some of the dishes.


In Poland are usually eaten chicken eggs, although you can also find providers and foodies quail, ducks or geese eggs.


Egg in literature


"Simple protein in eggs gives to a man enormous strength, yolk contains all the microelements, bioelements and vitamins. There is nothing better for nourishing body as egg yolk, because it is everything that you need for life and growth of the developing chick. An egg contains the precious substances - lecithin ..."

(Marzena and Tadeusz WoĽniak, Father Grande recipes for a healthy life, Baltic Press, Gdańsk 1997)



"Eggs are the basic product used in all kinds of dishes. Today, most commonly used are chicken eggs. Hen egg is mainly composed of yolk (35% weight), is shear at 65°C, with the color from pale yellow to dark orange, depending on the feed and what you feed your chickens, and protein (65% weight) - shearing in temperature 70 ° C.

Medium sized egg contains 7 g full value, easily digestible protein, 7 g fat, 30 mg of calcium and vitamins A, D and B group. Properties of eggs allow for densification and loosening. Glued food together. Same yolks are used to liquids compaction such as sauces, soups, creams, aeration cakes and receive emulsions such as mayonnaise sauces or Hollandaise sauces."

(Marek Łebkowski, Polish cuisine, Review of Reader's Digest, Warsaw, 1997)


"[Eggs] are wholesome food incluse all essential nutrients needed to build and rebuild tissues. Dishes prepared of them can be a basic dishes, appetizers or desserts."


"The high content of protein (albumin, globulin and owowiatalina) and the presence of many vitamins (B group vitamins, vitamins A, D, E, F and PP) of easily assimilable iron, calcium, phosphorus, and easily digestible fats (lecithin and steryna ), which are among the most valuable fats composed, making eggs a very valuable resource. Besides in composition of a hen's egg consists still other organic and mineral substances, such as: potassium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, carotenoids, enzymes and others."

(H. Debski, 600 egg dishes, Warta, Warsaw, 1983)





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